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GARO Season 1 Episode 1

After having a dream of herself as a child, reading a picture book titled The Black Flame and The Golden Wind, being attacked by demonic creatures as a golden knight saves her, Kaoru Mitsuki prepares for her debut tomorrow as an artist. Meanwhile, a man named Kouga Saezima just finished his training when his butler Gonza gives him a document that directs him to the art gallery Kaoru is at. After seeing the girl not to be possessed, he follows the frighten girl to the art dealer Taisuke Taniyama, offering to play one of Kaoru’s pieces early and asking for the girl to take it to his manor. Once alone, Kouga attempts to kill Taniyama who runs off and put the entire building on lockdown. After taking out Taniyama’s traps, with Kaoru in the crossfire, Kouga battles Taniyama until the demon possessing him, a woman-eating Horror named Anglay, bursts out of his host and uses another painting to assume another physical form. Telling Kaoru to run, Kouga transforms into the golden knight from Kaoru’s dreams. Though Garo manages to kill the Horror, some of its blood splashes on Kaoru’s face and arm. Though he has to kill her for being stained with the blood of a Horror, Kouga spares her life to use her as bait for attracting Horrors. When she comes to, Kouga apologizes for ruining her big break before walking off with her painting.

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Serie: GARO

Episode Title: Picture Book

Air Date: 2005-10-07