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GARO Season 1 Episode 25

As Rei manages to defeat Glum with Gonza’s help, Kouga is unable to slow Messiah down as he is overwhelmed by the vast number of Horrors. By then, Karou’s father appears to urge his daughter to complete the painting she started. This in turn cases Garo to assume his Winged Form as he grounds Messiah while Kaoru receives closure from her parents. Catching Messiah off guard by discarding his armor, Kouga manages to put Messiah back to sleep as Karou saves him from being consumed in the blast as they return to the land of the living. However, they are followed by Barago’s animated armor, the Darkness Knight Kiba. After throwing Zaruba into the magic tear in response to being unable to summon his armor, the portal expands as Kouga takes his fight with Kiba on it as the stone descends across Tokyo’s cityscape with Rei brieftly joining in. Eventually, the circle comes to stop at the wharf as Zaruba comes at the nick of time with Garo’s armor. After Kiba is finally slain, Kouga disarmors as Zaruba dies from overusing itself. Later, as Rei gives Kouga a newly forged Madougu, which Kouga names Zaruba, Kaoru takes her leave for Italy, giving him a new version of the Black Flame and the Golden Knight with the illustration on the final page bringing Kouga to tears

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Serie: GARO


Episode Title: Heroic Spirits

Air Date: 2006-03-31