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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 11

Chase and Donald have invented a new technology that takes in energy from any environment. Chase feels that he does not get his share of spotlight when Donald sells the product without his approval. Meanwhile, Kaz comes to the bionic academy to get powers, bringing Oliver with him. Chase decides to make a deal with another company when its CEO comes to buy the product. The person turns out to be a villain called the Incapacitator, who wanted to steal the product for his own use. The Lab Rats find out that Kaz and Oliver are not bionic heroes. Tecton, Gamma Girl, and Grey Granite arrive when finding out that the Incapacitator has come here. Leo has the same energy transfer power as the Incapacitator. The Lab Rats later find out they are real superheroes. The Incapacitator blasts and injures Chase. Kaz, Oliver, and the other Lab Rats take him to Mighty Med. Kaz switches brains with Chase to find out what problems Chase has. Chase’s injury has created a hardware virus in his bionic chip, causing the chip to generate plutonic energy. He is stable for now, but if his blood pressure gets too high….. he will explode. Meanwhile, the others go to find the Incapacitator. Skylar tries to get in the middle of the romance that Bree and Oliver form. They go to the Eiffel Tower to find that he is in Las Vegas. Kaz tricks the Incapacitator to absorb Chase’s virus and the Incapacitator explodes. Chase and Kaz switch brains back and Bree stops liking Oliver after she finds out that he resembles Chase. The Lab Rats then depart from Mighty Med hospital to go back home.

Episode Title: Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

Air Date: 2015-07-22