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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 14

Douglas tells the group that his old college ex-girlfriend, a film director named Giselle, will be making a film titled Bionic Action Hero based on all of them and starring an up-and-coming actor named Troy West. Giselle and Troy visit the island to learn about the bionic team. Bree immediately falls for Troy. Douglas mentions to Giselle who Marcus was and says he was Douglas’ greatest invention who had the combined abilities of Adam, Bree, and Chase. Giselle is intrigued and wants to meet him, but Douglas says she can see parts of him. In the mentors’ quarters, Troy explains to Bree that he needs to figure out how Chase’s abilities work or Giselle will fire him from the movie. Bree uses a computer to download all the information about Chase’s bionic chip and gives it to Troy. He leaves Bree behind to give the file to Giselle who conspires to eliminate the Lab Rats and start her own race of genetically modified androids. At the movie studio, Bree is still confused on why Troy blew her off. She enters his dressing room, but Giselle and Troy start to walk in. Bree turns invisible and overhears Giselle tell Troy about Chase’s schematics and that they can initiate their plan when the time is right. Bree switches the laptop that was opened with the one with Chase’s schematics and Giselle and Troy leave. During filming of the movie, Bree stops Troy before he can fire a blaster gun at Adam, Chase, and Leo. Bree explains to everyone that Giselle only lured them to the set to kill them. Giselle then explains to them that she wanted to get her hands on advanced android fighting machines until Adam, Bree, and Chase ruined her chances. Giselle also reveals that all of her film crew members are androids, including Troy. Giselle then mentions that, with Chase’s schematics, she can give all of them super intelligence. Troy gets a hold of the blaster gun, but Bree interrupts to say if he destroys them, he destroys the laptop with Chase’s schematics, though Giselle has already made backups all over her servers. Chase then hatches a plan to use a virus to destroy the servers. A battle ensues with Adam, Bree, and Leo trying to take down the androids, while Chase and Douglas manage to let the virus out and fry Giselle’s servers. The androids then surround the Lab Rats and Troy sneaks up, knocks Chase unconscious, and carries him away. Giselle then hatches a plan to rip out Chase’s chip. Giselle later tells them that the set is rigged with explosives. The android film crew starts geo-leaping away from the movie studio. Adam, Bree, Leo, and Douglas manage to escape by grabbing onto the androids. Douglas is unable to locate Chase because Giselle deactivated his Location App. In the lab, Giselle tells Chase that Troy is an old model and she created a newer version with androids taking the appearance of anyone of Giselle’s choosing so that they can blend in with society. Douglas calls Giselle so Leo can track her location. The academy is attacked by a new android warrior. Adam and Bree escape to rescue Chase. At the lab, Adam and Bree arrive and Troy wants to be the one to destroy them while an android warrior tries to rip out Chase’s chip. At the academy, Douglas reveals that the androids’ off switches are located inside of their noses. At the lab, Adam and Bree battle against Giselle and Troy. At the academy, Leo deactivates the android warrior. At the lab, Adam and Bree use their bionic abilities to knock out Giselle and Troy. Adam and Bree race to Chase’s side, but are too late. Adam feels guilty because all he has ever done to Chase is punch and make fun of him, but never told him that he loved him. Giselle enters and mockingly apologizes. Chase reveals to everyone that he is alive. Only Chase’s android replica is on the table. Giselle unleashes more android warriors, but they are quickly destroyed by Leo and Douglas. Troy awakens and double-crosses Giselle because she was planning to get rid of him. With her out of the way, he plans on not only destroying bionic humans but also all humans. He blasts Giselle, knocking her out, and then takes Bree hostage. Bree demands for Adam to use his blast wave to take Troy out, but he refuses, saying it would take her out as well. Bree tells him that if it means saving everyone else then it is worth it. After some hesitation, Adam, Chase, and Leo get ready to attack just as Troy backs away to a sink full of water. Bree then realizes that water would destroy him and manages to break free from him and dunk him into the sink, which short-circuits him. However, Giselle manages to escape. In the end, Giselle is looking for Marcus in Douglas’ old lair.

Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Bionic Action Hero (2)

Air Date: 2015-08-05