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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 19

Donald tells the group that the president has decided to host an award ceremony because they have completed their one-thousandth mission and Leo wants his recognition, but it’s only for the original members. Disappointed, Leo forms his own team with S-1, who calls herself Taylor now, and Logan. He shows the other Lab Rats that he and Taylor can fuse their abilities and can take out any power source, Chase demands they stop, but Leo pushes on. The blast becomes too much for Taylor and it incapacitates her. Leo feels completely guilty for what he’s done and decides to quit the academy and go back to Mission Creek to live with his mom. Meanwhile, Donald builds a limo to be indestructible, but Douglas easily destroys it. Taylor regains consciousness and will be okay, but because of the blast it renders her permanently blind. Douglas invents a gadget that allows Taylor to echo-locate to detect obstacles in her way. Elsewhere, Adam and Douglas successfully make Davenport’s limo completely indestructible. The family is on their way to the ceremony when the bridge begins to collapse, nearly sending the limo over the edge. The group becomes trapped as the limo locks down due to how it was built for emergencies. The students at the academy see them on the news and attempt to save them and the rest of the civilians still on the bridge. Taylor and Logan call Leo and ask him to help. They rush to the scene and manage to save everyone, but the limo is still sliding off the edge. Taylor, Leo, and Logan attempt to hit the fin of the limo so the lock down can be lifted and the others can escape. Bree opens the sunroof and uses her super speed to get the others out. She manages to get everyone except Chase, so Leo forces everyone off the bridge to so he can help him. Eventually, Leo manages to save Chase. Later at the academy, Donald decides to make Leo a mentor because he had proven to be a leader.

Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: On the Edge

Air Date: 2015-11-11