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Lab Rats Season 4 Episode 22

In the middle of a massive heat wave, the whole family is going to space to see Donald’s space colony, called “Davenportia”. Adam annoys Chase while Chase tries to give his safety instructions and accidentally blasts them into space. After leaving the solar system, they initiate hyper-speed and land on the planet Lithios. In the dome, it’s discovered that Perry sneaked her way in with the rest of the colonists. In the command center, one of the satellites loses contact with Earth and the Lab Rats try to fix it. Leo and Donald find a punctured hole in the dome, releasing the oxygen within. Chase checks out the satellite, but can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. He detects that it’s someone tampering with the system back on Davenportia. As Chase heads back to the ship, his jet pack malfunctions and drifts him off into space. Unable to reach him due to range, Perry plans to fly the ship to find Chase. Leo and Donald use their jet packs to seal the hole in the dome. On a deserted planet, they find Chase unharmed because of his force field. On the ship, Chase vows not to speak to Adam because of his reckless actions. Donald is nearly pulled out into space, but Leo pulls him back and patches the hole. When the Lab Rats and Perry come back, they find everyone missing. A person in a suit comes out and reveals himself as Krane and says everything was caused by him. He has come back to create a new army of bionic warriors with his new partner, Dr. Gao. He attacks Chase and implants the Triton App in Donald. Gao gives himself bionics and plans to give everyone liquid bionics. Leo gets his fire blaster to shoot the bins of liquid bionics and Bree takes off Krane’s oxygen tube. Gao escapes and Leo shoots the hole in the dome as everyone is escaping. On planning a way back to Earth, Gao enters the ship and implants Leo with the Triton App while covering his mouth to prevent him from calling for help. Leo attacks the group and is subdued by Adam and Bree. Gao explains that he will wipe out all human existence on Earth with a doomsday missile. Leo attacks again, but Bree tries to distract him by turning invisible. Leo then hits Gao, knocking him out and Perry locks them up. Krane manages to survive and begins to attack the ship from one of the colonist’s space pods. Krane takes out their defense mechanism and their homing device. Chase manages to lock on to Krane with the missile and destroys him. However, the other missile is still heading toward Earth and Chase decides to use Donald’s high velocity escape suit, but Bree tells him he’ll die because of the force it has. Adam decides to do it instead because his strength will help his chances of surviving. Chase thinks it too risky, but Adam is willing to take the risk in order to save the world. After a while he becomes unresponsive due to blacking out. When he comes to, Adam destroys the rocket.

Serie: Lab Rats

Episode Title: Space Colony

Air Date: 2016-01-20